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HAI, healthcare associated infections or hospital infections, pose a major challenge to public health systems, because they are a rather heterogeneous set of different conditions from a microbiological, physiological and epidemiological point of view that have a high impact on health costs and are indicators the quality of the service offered to hospitalized patients.

Caused by opportunistic microorgani- sms present in the environment, which usually do not give rise to infections, HAI’s can arise on patients who are compromised during hospitalization and can have different degrees of severity, up to being lethal.

Despite the high impact, both social and economic, due to HAI’s, the surveillance and control systems and the actions to reduce their effects are instead still uneven from country to country and nationally.

The Elite device has been designed to limit the effect and spread of bacteria in hospital environments. Equipped with innovative air extraction and filtering techniques, Elite is able to maintain a healthy environment where it is positioned, operating rooms, hospital rooms etc.

The safety of care is a constituent part of the right to health and is pursued in the interest of the individual and the community.

The Gelli Bianco Law 24/2017

The legislative decrees are being followed by the relative implementing decrees, one of which dated 02/08/2017 supports the provisions of the aforementioned article. The current national regulatory framework relating to risk in healthcare facilities has also further emphasized the importance of preventing infectious risk; through the control of environmental sanitation processes and the introduction of innovative systems and methods of proven effectiveness and efficiency in terms of cost-benefit.

Elite is designed for the medical space and is used mainly in operating rooms and all hospital departments such as rehabilitation centers, medical analysis, intensive care etc. The main filter unit of this series of products is made of manganese aluminum alloy for the characteristics of resistance and reliability.


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