Air Quality

Air Quality

Air Quality

Product features

The Elite by HOR device has been de- signed to limit the effect and spread of bacteria in hospital environments. Equipped with innovative air extraction and filtering techniques, Elite by HOR is able to maintain a healthy environment where it is positioned, operating rooms, hospital rooms etc.

Efficient purification

High CADR up to 20.000m3/h in indoor unit (PM 0.1-10); removal rate ≥ 98%

Large purification area

Purification area up to 120m2

Very high electrostatic efficiency

Important regression of harmful particles present in the air

Remote monitoring

Predisposition for remote control and real-time monitoring of PM2.5

Rapid sterilization

Instantly eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air.

Cloud Ion technology

Synchronous technology releases healthy negative ions (6x106n/cm3)

In favor of the environment

Energy saving and environmental protection. Low energy consumption

No consumables

Annual maintenance


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