Basic Technology

One breath, to improve your health

Through our projects, we have managed to obtain excellent results in the killing of bacteria air dispersed in the environments subject to the installations.

Technologies have been adopted at aiming of releasing in large environments quantities of negative ions, making the ionization of the air is more balanced, therefore healthier work and hospitalization environments. Elite releases a significant amount of negative ions to the outside in order to create the natural balance between positive and negative ions in the environments, thus restoring natural health. Extreme attention to noise emissions and energy consumption.

Complex filtration

The Elite device combines modern absorption media and highly effective filter materials; in fact, it uses several stages of filtration interconnected in falling with each other. 

Bactericidal UV lamps: efficiency of UV-C lamps

The exclusive device with germicidal lamps for the sterilization of the air has a micro-biological abatement efficiency of 99.999% for the inactivation of all Gram – and Gram + microorganisms and reduces the presence of strepto and staphylococcus mainly present in hospital environments.

UV-C light sanitizes by permanently damaging the DNA of bacteria & viruses


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